Artist Upload Guidelines

What measurements should I design to?

You don't need to worry about a complicated list of measurements to design to for each product. Our website is designed to do all this hard work for you.

Simply design to the ratio's below, ensure your jpeg or png is between 400kb and 25mb, and you're all set.

Landscape3:2Mousemats, Jigsaws, Laptop Skins, Messenger Bags, Landscape Canvases
Portrait2:3Portrait Canvases, Keyrings (classic)
Square1:1Coasters, Keyrings (premium), Square Canvases, Tote Bags, Cushions, Mugs
Thin1:2Phone Cases

If you design for these ratios then you shouldn't have any issues. Most designs can be moved, rotated or zoomed in and out in the upload editor to work perfectly with each format. Don't forget you can also de-select any products you don't think will work with your design.

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How do you protect my artwork?

When you upload your artwork, we create a reduced quality version for use on the website. The full sized, original image that you uploaded - which we use to produce your products - is not accessible from the website.

You reserve the right to cancel any artwork (or indeed your entire account) with us at any time and are of course free to sell your art elsewhere too.

How much royalty will I get?

You earn 20% royalty for every Zippi product sold, which is payable 30 days after we have been paid by the customer. Your account clearly displays Royalties payable on all sales made, as well as available funds ready for withdrawal.

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Will my art show in my portfolio straight away?

Your portfolio is created instantly. Your art will be displayed in your portfolio within 2-3 minutes of your uploads (depending on your wifi speed).

And now for the legal stuff

Below are the terms and conditions specific to all artists (or any persons) uploading any form of imagery to the Zippi website for sale on our products.

1. You may not upload to our website any designs that don't belong to you, or you do not have the right to license. If you do, and we receive a claim against us relating to your design, you will indemnify us from any damages, losses or liabilities.

2. Zippi has the right to remove any Art from our website at our discretion.

3. We reserve the right to stop selling your Art at any time. If we do, we will inform you by email, and pay you any Royalties owed.

4. We reserve the right to periodically delete designs that don’t attract sufficient sales or page visits.

5. Your Art remains your property, and Zippi will not use or sell your art outside of these Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to our terms, you are allowing us to sell your Art on our products. You are also allowing us to advertise your art on our website (and in any other form of media). Our right to your art is not exclusive – you can sell your art elsewhere too.

6. Portfolios may be initially limited pending sales.

7. If you haven’t sold anything in the last 6 months, Zippi reserves the right to delete your portfolio. You will be notified by email 7 days prior to your account being deleted.

8. We also reserve the right to make changes and additions to our products at any time.

9. You reserve the right to cancel any artwork, or indeed your entire account, with us at any time. When you cancel, our rights to use your Art stops and we will stop using your Art immediately (except in any active adverts until the campaign ends or any pending orders). You must withdraw any amounts available within 60 days of cancellation, or the funds may be forfeited.

10. You earn 20% royalty for every Zippi product using your art. Zippi reserves the right to change the product price or Royalty percentage at any time. If we change the Royalty rate, we will provide 30 days notice via email. You do not earn royalty for any products given away for promotional purposes (eg press samples etc).

11. Royalties are due 30 days after we have been paid by our customer. Royalties are not payable if a customer cancels their order or returns their product to us. Your account clearly displays Royalties payable on sales made, as well as available funds ready for withdrawal (ie after the 30 day period).

12. You are responsible for any taxation payment applicable to any Royalties paid.

Here at Zippi we love to admire other people's art, but we cannot under any circumstance copy or reproduce it – so please don't upload any work that doesn't belong to you or you haven't had explicit permission to reproduce.

We are all fan art lovers, but rather than flattering an artist with your interpretation, we'd love to see your unique work.

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