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    I live with my husband, a talented photographer and filmmaker, in Southampton, England. Despite being close to the city centre, we look out over our communal garden and a skyline of trees. I was born into a family of artists. My granddad was the successful cartoonist, Norman Thelwell, my dad has made his living as an illustrator for decades and my sister's colourful paintings and murals decorate our flat, as well as others. Growing up in the countryside, I've always felt at home in nature, and as a child, my sister, best friend and I would spend hours entertaining ourselves outside, whether it be colour co-ordinating our My Little Ponies with the right shade of flowers, making mud pies decorated with petals, collecting nettles to make our own natural, home-made mouth wash or wandering off into the surrounding fields and woodland, just so we could get lost and find our way home again. When I was old enough to decide my path in life, I chose to go off and explore further afield and over a span of five years lived on three different continents. I discovered who I was in Spain, improved my Spanish in Mexico and deepened my knowledge of our other cultures in Libya. In 2012, after a long spell of illness, I set off on another journey. This time it has been an inner one of personal expansion and coming home to who I am. As part of this journey, I have reconnected with Gaia, or Mother Nature, and, though my natural curiosity I have opened to all the beauty and abundance she gives us. I have fallen in love with her all over again, as I have documented her through my eye-catching photography, begun to make healing flower essences and created meditative mandalas and imaginative flower art. I believe my work serves the world in a number of ways, bringing peace, love, connection and beauty to those who engage with it. I am incredibly grateful to you for being part of this journey; no matter how many miles we travel together. And, I hope you enjoy connecting with it, as much as I enjoy creating it.

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