4 Ways to Design Your Own Placemats


There are plenty of ways you can design your own placemats, even if you’re not the creative type. Placemats don’t only protect your table, they also brighten up boring breakfasts and dull dinners. They may affect the taste of your food too!

If you need some inspiration for customising placemats, look no further. Here are some great ideas:

 1) Use your favourite family photos

Family photos always look impressive on personalised photo coasters. Choose a special picture of the family, whether it’s a celebratory pic for a big birthday, a Christmas get-together or a beloved selfie. Our placemats are perfectly sized and printed using the latest technology, so they display your images in all their glory.
design your own placemats

 2) Upload romantic photos

Customised placemats are great if you’re celebrating an anniversary and want to honour it with a special personalised gift, or if you’re after something romantic for Valentine’s Day. These simple yet thoughtful gifts are guaranteed to make someone smile on an important day. Upload cheesy, funny or embarrassing photos to cherish landmarks in your relationship.

3) Keep kids entertained

Anyone with kids will know that they often need to be coerced into sitting down at the table! Upload a funny photo of them on holiday or in fancy dress, or choose an image that will keep them engaged. Luckily, our placemats are durable, easy to clean and able to withstand mucky pups.

4) Find a stylish art design

You don’t have to design your own placemats using photos. We have thousands of unique artist designs to choose from and you can be sure there’ll be one that suits your taste and home décor. There are more than enough styles to browse, including retro, pop art, cartoon and vintage to name just a few. They’re ideal for when you’re moving into a new house or redecorating, allowing you to show off your personality.

Personalised Placemats

Personalised placemats provide a solid topic for conversation when you have guests round, and your friends will all want their own when they see yours. Give your dinner table a makeover and design your own placemats with Zippi.


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