Thanks a Latte! The Wonderful World Of Latte Art


Some people use coffee to give them a bit of a perk up or energy boost, whilst others just enjoy it as a social drink to have whilst chatting with friends. However, some actually turn a simple cup of coffee into works of art.

More specifically, they use coffee in latte form and use the combination of the espresso and foamed milk to create stunning pictures. Latte artists are able to make images of practically anything, some of which you won’t quite believe are made using coffee. Just take a look at some of the amazing examples of latte art below:

Latte art of a rosetta

Photo Credit: remedycc

Latte art of a Queen

Latte art with Good Morning text

Latte art of a dragon

Some people even create 3D latte art, although the extra foam needed means it becomes a bit more like cappuccino art!

Some latter art is even 3D using foam

These images barely scratch the surface. A quick Google search will show you even more of the unbelievable latte art people can do.

We spoke to latte artist and coffee fanatic Cortney Kern, known as Barista Maniac, about his art:

How did you get interested in latte art?
I visited Intelligentsia in Chicago back in 2013. After ordering a cappuccino I noticed a rosetta on top and knew it was something I wanted to do. Keep in mind I lived in the suburbs, which was an hour from the city. I had never seen anything like this before and was anxious to learn.

Do you have a signature piece of latte art you like creating?
When I heard someone say they could make a dragon. I was like what? Really? When I made my first one, I had tingles going up my arms and legs.

Does the coffee have to be made a certain way to be good for making latte art? Temperature, consistency, etc?
Absolutely. The darker roasts tend to create more definition but prefer light roasts when serving. Temperature plays a major factor into the flavor your trying to find with the espresso incorporated into the high quality milk. The higher you go, the more extraction you get with lighter roasts.

Are there different techniques you use?
At the beginning, I was only wanting to do free pour. Then a young lady commented on my blog and asked if I could do a set of flowers. In my mind there was a state of confusion but didn’t wanna let her down. I found the most thinnest object in my apartment, which was a thermometer tip. And ten minutes later her flowers were born. Everyone has their own touch I believe, so yes.

Do you have a few top tips for someone wanting to give it a go?
Don’t think you need expensive tools or equipment to make this happen. I learned on a $40 Krups Primo espresso machine. You have gotta make time and practice for an hour every other day. I am an only child, no kids and was unemployed. So I had time, HA!

How/where do you show off your latte art?

At events, weddings, baby showers or private parties.

You can check out Cortney’s work on Facebook and Twitter

Cortney even made us a new video to show off how he does it and exhibit some of his work:

Latte art may be reasonably simple to have a go at, but it’s still something that requires practice and dedication if you want to be really good, just like any other form of art. Check out this great, thorough guide about how to do latte art so you can try it out for yourself.

If you’re a latte artist or have just had a quick go, we’d love to see what you’ve created. Or if you have any top tips on how to do latte art, let us know in the comments below.


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