10 Ideas to Make Your Own Halloween Decorations

Halloween is the perfect time to flex your creative muscles, for adults and children alikeWhether you want to decorate your porch for trick or treaters, have your own Halloween party or keep the kids busy, we’ve got 10 ideas for you to make your own Halloween decorations.  

1) Window silhouettes

Adding spooky silhouettes to your window is a guaranteed way to set the tone for house party guests and trick or treaters. These homemade silhouette decorations are super easy, fun and costeffective too. Follow the handy step by step guide to create silhouettes for black cats, haunted houses and creepy owls. 

2) Spider webs

There are endless ideas for making your own spider web decorations, but you can’t go wrong with this creepy wall decorationIt simply requires a ball of yarn and some doublesided tapewhich comes in handy for lastminute plans.

3) Hanging bats 

Kids will absolutely love these DIY hanging bat decorations because they involve using glue and googly eyes. These are simple yet effective outdoor Halloween decorations that can go in your garden and frighten trick or treaters.

4) Origami pumpkins

Make your own Halloween decorations and learn an awesome skill while you’re at it with these origami pumpkins. Create an origami pumpkin garland to hang in your home and impress your friends and familyThis is a skill that could come in useful for other occasions too!

5) Silhouette lampshade 

If you want decorations that are convenient, cheap and easy, it doesn’t get much better than spooky lampshade silhouettesPut these into your lampshades and create a satisfyingly eerie effect throughout your house.  

6) Custom doormat

For those of you who are throwing a Halloween house party,why not welcome your guests with a macabre message on a custom decorated doormatThis is a simple and quick decoration that won’t break the bank.

7) Ghosts 

Ghosts are a signature Halloween theme, and there are infinite ideas out there for making ghost decorations. Here’s a tutorial for making levitating ghosts, using balloons, cloth, string and tape. How easy is that?

8) Lanterns 

Halloweenthemed lanterns are a great way to get creative and set the scary tone in your home. These are especially cool because you can use bits and bobs from around the house to make them, such as old jars for example

9) Outdoor decorations

If you’re going to make your own Halloween decorations, why not go all out and make some epic outdoor ones? Give trick or treaters (and your neighbours) the fright of their lives with some of these outdoor decorationsHave fun!

10) Skeletons

There’s no better way to create a chilling atmosphere than using some of these scary skeleton ideas. These includskull goodie bagssock skeletons and many more haunting ideas. So now you see how easy it is to make your own Halloween decorations without breaking the bank. Enjoy! 
make your own halloween decorations

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