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I’ve loved drawing ever since I was able to pick up a pencil

Lucy is British born and is now based in Berlin. She is an artist who is inspired by travel, photography and people watching. The things that motivate her include tea, good food and cute cat videos.

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How long have you been making art and what inspired you to get started?

I’ve loved drawing ever since I was able to pick up a pencil. My skills were shaped during my training as a scenic artist for the theatre. It was only after moving to Berlin 3 years ago that I started finding my own artistic style and creating work of my own. 

I love your ‘Mvula’ design and your ‘Wild Heart’ design. Can you tell me a little more about both of these and what inspired them perhaps?

My Mvula design was inspired by the new album of singer, Laura Mvula and my Wild Heart design was inspired by a photograph I saw, I loved the pose of the girl and how she looked thoughtful even though you can’t see her facial expression. 



 What is your favourite medium of choice and why?

My favourite medium is definitely pencil. I like to play around with other mediums and experiment of course, but drawing in pencil feels like coming home. We get along well and I feel like it produces my best work.

Where does the majority of your inspiration come from?

My main source of inspiration comes through my daily obsession of Pinterest. I’m inspired by portraits, patterns, travel, fashion, animals, photography, colour…lots of things! 

Which pieces are most dear to you, and why?

My Masai Mara lady has a special place in my heart, she was really challenging to draw and it was a roller coaster journey I went on with her, but at the end I knew that I’d produced something special. I find it rare to have this feeling with each piece I create. She’s currently hanging in my living room and the longer she stays there the more I think I could never part with her. 


Are you currently working on anything new? If so, can you tell us a little about the design and what we can expect?

I’m currently focusing on my ‘Art Beneath Our Feet’ series. I’m getting so many people submitting amazing photos through my Instagram hashtag #artbeneathourfeet that every time I get a new submission it motivates me to crack on with the project. Currently I have more than 200 photo submissions… and I’ve only drawn 13! Argh!  

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What have you learnt whilst establishing yourself as an online artist, and further, can you offer any advice to others starting out?

To be honest I feel like I’m just learning as I go, but the main things I’ve noticed is to be consistent, be humble and engage with your audience through comments and to show a little bit of your life and other interests. I notice when I follow artists I like, it’s not only the art you buy into, but also the person creating that work.  

How do you promote your art and what part has social media played in your self-promotion?

Social media plays a huge part in self-promotion… in fact it’s pretty much the only way I promote myself. I find Instagram the most effective way to engage with my followers and I’ve created some really lovely relationships with people… especially through my ‘Art Beneath Our Feet’ series.  It’s an easy and free way to share and promote your work and it gives you some kind of purpose for creating.

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