Why Flower Art Is Very Effective When Selling Your Home


Feature image: I Feel Love Printed Canvas by Yvonne Coomber

Flower art can really spruce up a room, and indeed a home! The sight of a beautiful Spring bouquet enforces in the eye of the beholder a sense of freshness and calm that can creates the ideal mood for enjoying one’s surroundings. When selling a home, flowers can be instrumental in freshening your space, no matter what the size of the property, and even the art you use can have a subtle effect on a potential buyer.

Flower art

English Country Meadow by charlottehiggins

We asked Samanta Crocetti from Gate-Away.com, an Italian property portal solely devoted to international home buyers thinking to purchase a home in the ‘boot-shaped’ country.

‘As a property portal and expert in the housing market we always recommend our clients (both private owners and real estate agencies) to pay particular attention to the photos of the property they advertise on Gate-Away.com and that they want to sell.

Images are key factors to catch the attention of potential buyers on your property and beat your competitors.

Many agencies are already aware of their great potential. For this reason they hire professional photographers. But not everyone can afford it. Anyway there is a main tip we always recommend to follow. This means take pictures of your home during a sunny day with a beautiful blue sky that will always put you in a good mood and give positive effects. For the interiors turn on the lights to get the best conditions in the rooms in order to give the impression of a bright house. If you’re wondering why, the answer is quite simple. Intense colours and luminous spaces are fundamental to portrait your property at its best and improve your chances to intrigue the potential buyer and sell a home.

That is why flowers will be your best allies for achieving your purpose, especially now that spring is coming. Just think at green lawns, luxuriant trees and blossoming flowers. Golden yellow flowers like Scotch brooms, red geraniums or violets in your garden or in a vase over the table will definitely catch the attention of home buyers browsing thousands of properties in search of their dream home. UK buyers in particular are the most enamoured with Italy according to our annual report analysing the requests we received in 2015 from international home hunters looking for a property for sale on Gate-Away.com. So what better presentation than colours and flowers for their ideal place in the sun?’

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Day in the Sun Geraniums by lottibrown

Day in the Sun Geraniums by lottibrown


botanical patterned1 by aticnomar

Botanical patterned1 by aticnomar


Lily by sibonnett

Lily by sibonnett


Day in the Sun Geraniums by lottibrown

Day in the Sun Geraniums by lottibrown


Example of flower art

Sunflowers watercolour by

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