Selfie lover? 😍

Do you love taking selfies? Or perhaps you shy away from the camera but wish you didn’t 😔

Whatever your style is, we have come up with a list of things to consider to make yourself that little bit more photogenic and ensure that your selfie looks fab 🤩

Top tips to remember
Tip 1

Natural lighting – turn towards a window or even better…go outside ☀️ It’s amazing what the right lighting can do to a photo

Tip 2

Know when to use your flash. What happens if you want to take a selfie when it’s dark? This is when the flash setting on your phone comes in handy.

If you are using an app such as snapchat make use of the front facing camera and turn the flash setting on. This will cause the screen to light up before taking your image so that you can see your face. Of course it may not produce the best results but it’s better than not being able to see your face at all

Tip 3

Show them your smile – a real smile! You don’t want to force a smile otherwise it will look fake and staged. A natural smile is always best. Show your teeth, and you can even practice in front of the mirror beforehand to see what you think looks best. Perhaps have a go at smizing as well (aka. smiling with your eyes) – a top tip for a stunning photo from the gorgeous Tyra Banks who coined the term on the show America’s Next Top Model

Tip 4

Don’t just take one photo…take loads! 😂 When it comes to selfies, there is no limit. The more you take, the more you have to choose from and sometimes it can take quite a few snaps to get the perfect shot that makes you feel great when you look back at it.

When you are taking pictures try tilting your head different ways (most people have either a left or right side preference), change the angles and heights you take the photo from, then you’ll have a mixture to choose from. The best poses are the ones that come naturally to you so don’t stress…instead, relax and snap away

Tip 5

Learn from taking selfies – You’ll notice a pattern may start to develop after taking lots of photos. What suits you best and makes you feel most confident in photos. You can then use this in future when taking new selfies so you know which pose to adopt before you start

Tip 6

Make sure the camera is in focus so that you capture all your best features. Also try not to stare directly into the camera, most people do not look their best facing straight on. Turn to the side slightly to give the selfie a little more depth

Tip 7

Keep your chin down and the camera up. Shooting from lower down is not flattering. Keep the camera higher up or at eye level. Elongate your neck for a better look.

Tip 8

Use a filter if you prefer – they can give you that added boost if you’re feeling a little self-conscious. As long as it doesn’t look un-natural, there’s no shame in using a filter every once in a while

Tip 9

Think about the background – where are you taking your selfie, what’s behind you. Is it quite a busy background, are there people? Sometimes a plain and simple background is best, it will highlight your skin tones as well and bring our more of your features.

If you have an iphone X you can try using portrait mode on the camera to play around with blurring the background and focusing more on the subject, making them ‘pop’

Tip 10

Don’t let silly poses take over (pouting, making signs with your hands etc) – most people do these because they feel uncomfortable. A natural pose will look the best as you will be relaxed.

Tip 11

If you are taking a full length photo, turn your body to the side slightly and try putting one of your hands on your hip. One foot slightly in front of the other as well. You don’t want to look as if your arms are glued to your body, or as if you are a statue. Maybe even try putting your hair to one side, and try posing on your left side and your right side as front on angles for full length photos usually aren’t the most flattering

Photo credit
Tip 12

Last but not least, have fun! Enjoy taking photos – it can be a big boost of confidence and we’re sure you look beautiful no matter what

Example selfies

Below is a collection of selfies for you to browse featuring people taking them on their own, as a couple, or in a group.

So why not try out our top tips today and see what your selfie looks like. Remember practice makes perfect!

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