Using Seasonal Events to Promote Your Art Online


If you’re an aspiring artist or photographer you are most likely constantly looking for ways to promote your art online. To do so, you need to make the most of every opportunity, and many of those are seasonal events. During these times, you can be sure of certain habits of consumers, which, in affect, will help you to promote your portfolio in a more productive way. Below are some ideas to help:

Keep it relevant
Share work that is relevant to the season. For example, if you are a photographer, during Easter, why not share a beautiful spring picture that you are most proud of.  Think about what people are thinking and feeling during the season and what types of things they’ll be searching for online.

Christmas Scene

Photo by Axel Rafn

Be personal
To stand out during a seasonal event, you need to create a unique and personal touch to your promotion. An example during the Christmas season could be creating a bespoke Christmas card with one of your most popular winter-themed photographs or pieces of art. The festive cards could state and explain the different promotions you have on offer, whilst wishing a Merry Christmas to those in your local area. It’s sure to stand out amongst the bills and junk mail that come through the letter box.

Offer seasonal discount
You could offer a discount if the client books before a certain time before the seasonal event. People are always looking to save money, no matter what time of year it is, especially during popular seasonal events when there is lots more money that needs to be spent. With the discount you could include an added bonus such as a free frame when you spend X amount.

Social Media

Social media
During social events, it is pretty simple to think of keywords that people will be searching for. Put your work on social networks and use popular seasonal hashtags such as #giftideas, #Christmas, #spring, #Easter #thanksgiving etc.  As the client is visual, add your work to Pinterest boards, you might be surprised how many people will view and share your work. Social media is also a free way of advertising your discounts and people interested may share it with their family and friends.

Add seasonal SEO to your website
During different seasons, people will search differently. You need to optimise your website for seasonal keywords in order to get more visibility in search engine results during that specific period of time, so that you can attract as many potential customers as possible.

Feature your work on online market places
Online market places are a great way to promote yourself during seasonal events as they can get very popular when consumers are looking for gifts of  art, photography and crafts. To save time and money, sell your work online by joining one of the many established online shops or market places such as Etsy. It is the easiest and cheapest way to increase your profile and generate sales throughout the year.


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