Why photo gifts say it best


From birthdays to anniversaries, and everything in-between. Or even just-because. Show someone you love just how much you love them today with a photo gift from Zippi. Whether you pick a photo from a treasured memory that the two of you shared; or something that simply reminds you of one another, it’s bound to put a smile on both of your faces.

How it works

Simply upload your gift to our gift finder to get started. Here, you are able to see what your photo looks like on each of our products. You can then click into the product you like and edit how the image is positioned.

gift finder preview
Reasons why photo gifts are a great choice 🤓🎁
  1. They are thoughtful and show how much you care
  2. There’s lots of different gifts available. You can purchase a whole variety of photo products so definitely won’t be stuck for choice. From canvases to framed prints, and phone cases to mugs. There’s gifts to suit every budget.
  3. If you opt for a product that can be fitted to the wall, we guarantee it will look fab when it takes pride of place in your home
  4. Photo gifts are unique. They make a change from purchasing the standard gifts; all of which are still just as lovely, but photo gifts have that extra special touch
  5. Photo gifts are memorable because photos are timeless. You can treasure them forever. We’re sure you’ll find yourself looking back and smiling
  6. They have that ‘wow’ factor that can be hard to find elsewhere
  7. They are creative and give you a chance to make gift giving fun. The process allows you to take a minute to really think about the person and select an image that specifically means something to them. You get to decide what message you want your gift to give
  8. They make the recipient feel special with their ‘wow’ factor – which is exactly what you want your gift to do

So whether you are buying for a close friend or a family member, choose a photo gift and ensure that your gift stands out from the crowd.


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