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“If you have a passion, go for it. Draw and sketch anything that inspires you. There will be ups and downs, so just go with the flow”.

Notsniw works in the fashion industry and combines working as a makeup artist with producing beautiful illustrations and patterns inspired by Vintage and Iconic figures. Here Notsniw talks about getting started in making art and what inspires these fabulous designs.

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What inspired you to becoming an Artist?
There are moments in a fashion show where I am like, I want to draw these figures! Or when I sit in a park and suddenly a butterfly lands on my book. It is frequently these little moments that inspire me to get to the studio and create.

Which is your first love – illustration artist or make-up artist?

Over a decade ago, my first love was being a makeup artist, and now it is illustration.

Your design style is very distinctive. How did you develop this?

Being a makeup artist, I create looks by illustrating faces on paper. My development came from illustrating and painting on faces. Every work that I do, like the makeup I apply, needs to have definition, highlight, and contour with a certain softness. I can not seem to see things any other way. Without this combination, I am absolutely naked.

One of my favourite designs is ‘Easter Bunny Butterfly. Can you tell me a little more about this design?


When two completely different worlds come face to face with one another, a few things can happen. The most obvious two are either peace or war. At this instant, when the butterfly lands on the easter bunny’s nose, there is a mixture of excitement as well as calmness. Each side admires the beauty from a different perspective.We do not know what happens next or if they ever will cross paths again. In this single moment, there is love in the air. The society deals with this everyday. We blend within different cultures and learn from one another.

I wanted to capture this moment, and appreciate life, using the easter bunny and butterfly, as they are from two completely different upbringings, one spends most of the time on land, and the other who has the ability to roam in thin air.

What is your favourite medium of choice and why?

My favourite medium of choice is watercolor because they produce the most beautiful washes, and can build up in many transparent layers.

 A lot of your designs are inspired by iconic figures such as Audrey Hepburn. Is that where much of your inspiration comes from?

Yes a lot of my inspiration does comes from iconic figures because I just love the classics.

Have you been inspired by any other Artists? Who has inspired you the most?

I have been inspired by Makeup Artists in the past such as the late Kevyn Aucoin, the master of face transformation, but really there was so much craft and love in his works and it showed. And I am very inspired also by Mark Ryden’s works. His works online are beautiful, but if one were to see works in life, you will be blown away! And of course Lady Gaga! She is an Art Piece!

Which pieces of your work are you most proud of – and why?

I have two proud works actually, “Fashion Blue Turquoise” and “Audrey Hepburn Pink”, because these two I had worked so long on making sure the fabric of the gowns had depth, which was harder than I thought it would be.


What process do you use to create your work?

I start by illustrating. Then I fill the shading and color tones with watercolor. When everything is dry, I go in for the pencil detailing.

What have you learnt whilst establishing yourself as an artist? Can you offer any advice to others starting out?

While establishing myself as an artist, some advice I would like to share is that if you have a passion, go for it. Draw and sketch anything that inspires you. There will be ups and downs, so just go with the flow. Listen to your body and mind because it will tell you the truth. Turn every unpleasing news into a good experience.

How do you promote your art? Does social media play a part in your promotion, if so how?

I promote my art on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Social media does play a major role in promotion because it is very easy to share designs to family, friends, and to a broader audience around the world.











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