6 Thought-Inspiring Artworks To Englighten Your February


February 22nd is World Thinking Day and, after much thought, we’ve put the act of thinking as Theme of the Month. Identifying abstract art as the most thought provoking, we want to showcase some of the brilliant art that our gifted Zippi artists have to offer.

For Art Lovers…

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For Artists…

Every month, we select our favourite artworks that relate to our Theme of the Month, and promote them on social media through paid social advertising via these posts to make sure that our best artists can earn some cash. If you didn’t know, our artists make 20% of everything sold using their art on Zippi.

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Tree of Growth by auroraart

Tree of Growth by auroraart

Aurora told us the Tree of Growth ‘represents growth within ourselves…our consciousness and awareness which is always evolving and fluid. I  have always been drawn to trees – they have a wonderful energy that lifts the soul.’

Retroactive by lorriewhittingtonRetroactive by lorriewhittington

inherent by auroartinherent by auroart

Chosnider by bevsniderChosnider by bevsnider

Victims Of Undere by monicacarvalho

Victims Of Undere by monicacarvalho

Smokin Hot Fire Flames by valbrackenridge

Smokin Hot Fire Flames by valbrackenridge

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