The Benefits Of Sharing Your Art Work Online


Sharing your ideas online offers the chance to find inspiration in other people’s work and forming a community of artists that can become a real hub of creativity. That is why we’ve recently launched Themes Of The Month to bring like-minded Zippi artists together so they can boost their creativity and share their art online.

October saw the ‘Hug the Bacon‘ theme bring a tasty twist to the art world:

Collage of Food Art with Bacon as theme of the month

November’s theme of the month went out of this world with Space Art:

Collage of Zippi Artist Theme of the Month, Space Art

You can view our Theme of the Month topics for 2016 by clicking HERE. (coming soon)

Since we are all coming together to share art online, we asked fellow Zippi artist Monica Carvalho what she thought about the ‘Theme of the Month’ idea:

‘I think it is a very clever idea because it is nice to see other artists’ interpretations of a particular theme. Everyone sees things differently, and one Theme Of The Month might be more meaningful for one person than it is for another. Artists can all learn from each other and, most importantly, improve thanks to each other’s interpretations and ideas. For instance, for my photo montages with pictures of space owe greatly to artists like Jesse Treece and Beth Hoeckel.

‘Without these influences, I would probably not have had the idea to create artworks such as ‘The Afterbirth’ or ‘Crunchy Toffee Pieces’. ‘The Afterbirth’, in particular, had a lot of success: during an exhibition I recently held in London, it was the most sold print. So basically, thanks to all the amazing artists I discovered online, I have been able to create artworks that have in turn been successful too and make people who buy them happy!’

Do you have art you want to sell online? Visit our artist page and set up your own Zippi profile.


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