What Is Twixtmas & How Can I Make Use Of It Creatively?


Christmas is without doubt, for the majority of people, the most exciting time of the year.  There are many of boxes of chocolates to be eaten, Christmas carols to be sung and family to catch up with. New year celebrations are similar too, but usually include a few more beverages and a tad more dancing. But what about those days in between? Those days in between are known to many as Twixtmas.

The days between Christmas and New Year are usually reserved for Christmas films and eating left over turkey sandwiches. But wouldn’t it be great if we spent those days more productively and brought out our creative talents? This is where Twixtmas comes in – you can use the 5 days of twixtmas to become a creative genuis.

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What exactly is Twixtmas?

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Twixtmas is not a day to celebrate the nations favourite chocolate covered biscuit bar, but the period between Christmas and New Year. The term comes from the old English phrase ‘Betwixt’– meaning the middle position. Twixtmas is the perfect opportunity to do something to make the world a better place and ‘change your world’. Whether that is for other people, to develop yourself or even both. The fundamental goal is to ensure the time and opportunity is used by as many people as possible for making the world better in some way. So how can you use Twixtmas to bring out the creative genius in you?

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What you will need

To make the most of Twixtmas and towhat_you_need_checklist use to creatively, you need to make sure that you have everything you need…

Here, we’ve put together a list of things you’ll need. It shows that the most important think you need is… yourself. That is where your creative ideas will come from after all – from that magnificent brains of yours. A desk and chair will come in handy too, and a lamp so you can see. Lights also helps to keep your mood uplifted, did you know?

For inspiration, it will be beneficial to look at other peoples artwork or a piece of writing that you find inspiring. Once you’ve got everything you need, its time to get started.



Day 1

The first day of Twixtmas is all about getting yourself ready and prepared. Make sure there are no other commitments stopping you from getting your creative juices flowing and set yourself the right environment – you should feel relaxed and inspired.

Day 2

Whether you are a writmind map illustration er or a painter, day 2 is the day you start getting your ideas down. If you are a writer think about dialogue, setting and plot outline. Painters, think about smaller elements of the bigger picture and test out palettes etc. If you get stuck now is the perfect time to brainstorm and expand your ideas and have a clear view of what you want to create.

Day 3


After  brainstorming you are more than likely ready to start your masterpiece. Expand on your notes or sketches, letting your imagination run wild. If you feel like you are starting to lag during the day and are in need of some inspiration, get away from your work space and take part in some physical activity.

A 30 minute dog walk should do the trick or a few runs up and down the stairs should do the trick. During the day make sure you avoid distractions such as the TV or music – its important to keep the finished article in mind so you eventually achieve the feeling of satisfaction when you finish it.

Day 4


Day 4 is all about improving what you’ve already done.  Take a critical eye to your work and then decide on ways in which you can make it better. Also, are there particular parts of your masterpiece you love? Jot done ideas and techniques you used that you are proud of so you know to use them again in the future.


Day 5

Now you’ve completed your masterpiece and refined it to be the best it can be, all that is left to do is self-promote your work.

Many writer’s choose social_networksto create a blog and post excerpts of their writing onto the platform, with explanations and musings around them. Similarly, painters will create an online portfolio in order to promote all their work in one place and give a description of where there inspiration came from.


Let us know in the comments what you created during Twixtmas.


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