Here Are All Our Monthly Themes For 2016. Get Creative!

Last year we introduced the idea of Theme of the Month. This allows artists to come together and share their art online with each other and our customers. Bacon was the first theme back in October as the popular breakfast food was hot in the news, you can see what we made of it on our ‘Hug The Bacon’ page. November saw ‘Space’ take over in the run up to December’s Star Wars movie release, the stunning pictures of the planet Pluto and the robot Philae waking up on a comet. We brought artists together for a piece on how space art beautifully explore the unknown, and in December we looked at the benefits of sharing your work online with help from fellow Zippi artist Monica Carvalho.

February – Thought

The most pensive among you will be thinking about Spring just around the corner, on the 22nd is World Thinking Day, a great opportunity to think outside the box for your art.

March – Literature 

The 3rd will be World Book Day, so we are taking a look at art in literature. Join us for a month celebrating the written word in truly artistic form.
Typewriter by jessicaslater

Typewriter by jessicaslater

April – World Art 

This might be obvious for us; the 15th is World Art Day, so we will be bringing together artists to showcase art from around the world.

May – Laughter

May the 1st is World Laughter Day – not only will Spring be lifting all our moods, but we will be laughing our way through this thematic art all month.

June – Nature

To celebrate World Environment Day on the 5th, join our artists in venerating our leafy environment and the start of Summer.
Pale Yellow Daisy by bevsnider

Pale Yellow Daisy by bevsnider

July – Technology

Going in the opposite direction to June’s nature theme, July is a celebration of technology in art, as the 17th is World Emoji Day.

August – Pets

We’ve taken this theme from the 8th being World Cat Day and the 26th being National Dog Day, let’s show our appreciation to our furry friends by dedicating them a month or artistic talent.
Book Love Tuxedo Cat by lisamarierobinson

Book Love Tuxedo Cat by lisamarierobinson

September – Coffee

As the 29th is National Coffee Day, and we all need a caffeine boost after the summer holidays, we will spend September enjoying the artistic talent inspired by one of the the world’s favourite hot beverages.

October – Animals

The 4th is World Animal Day, while we’ve covered pets in August, October will be the opportunity the showcase art about all creatures big and small.

November – Peace

To commemorate Armistice Day on November 11th, we thought we would explore the theme of peace in art.

December – Celebration

While Christmas on the 25th will be taking up most people’s attention, join our artists in enjoying other cultures’ festive celebrations.
Would you like to participate in our monthly themes? Follow this link to set-up your own Zippi profile page, and let the creativity flow!



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Brett Janes is an MA Writing student at LJMU, with close ties to the art community in the NW.

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